Ecological hour was held in all Pavlodar schools

Akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov became a participant of the eco-hour in the children’s center of ecology and tourism. During a meeting with children he told that that the city needs new ecological school.

As part of the nationwide Campaign in more than 300 schools of the Irtysh region was held ecological hour. The head of the region became a participant of the lesson at the station of the young tourist. However, first, together with the students, he took part in planting seedlings. The Pavlodar ecological school has been growing a variety of plants for many years, including large trees. This time we planted weeping willow, willow matsudana and Catalpa – a total of ten species of plants.

    There are no such species of plants in the city, rarely where in a private yard you will meet this, – says the head of the Department of the children’s center for ecology and tourism Akhmetuali Kapashev. – We specifically check the survival of plants in our school. Seeds and seedlings are brought to us, sometimes we look for sprouts from friends.

One of the seedlings was assigned a curator-a sixth-grader Marathan Zhanat. The Governor of Pavlodar region promised to meet with the student in five years. And certainly at the planted willow.

    This year, it is planned to plant 15 thousand trees on the territory of all schools, – said Bulat Bakauov already during the eco-hour. – But the most important thing is to look after them. After all in your school grow and pomegranate, and lemon, and cacti. It’s because you take care of them. And if each of you at an early age begin to plant and care for trees, our region will be green and beautiful.

As a sign of attention, the head of the region was handed a basket of apples grown in the school garden. Akim decided to share a sweet surprise with the children. Bulat Bakauov noted that for today’s premises for the children’s center of ecology and tourism is not enough and in the future in Pavlodar will be a new environmental school.





Photo By Valery Bugaeva

03/10/2019 247