Effective Projects Are Necessary

Pavlodar Oblast Akim heard projects for the development of Ekibastuz, Aktogay, Zhelezinka and Akkuly district. According to Bulat Bakauov, local leaders should be engaged in the implementation of such projects that will have a real effect on the regional economy.

Ekibastuz Akim Nurzhan Ashimbetov was the first, who told to the Regional Head about the plans for development. According to him, in 2019 it is planned to implement 11 major projects for the amount over 30 billion tenge.

“This year Bogatyr Komir, LLP plans to switch to auto-conveyor technology for the extraction and transportation of coal, which cost is 9.5 billion tenge” – said the Akim. – “Within the framework of this project, coal production will increase from 32 to 40 million tons”.

Nurzhan Ashimbetov also presented a project for the selection of dry ash at Ekibastuz SDPP-2. The point is the processing of dry ash, which can be used for the production of construction materials. The project cost is more than 2 billion tenge. Moreover, there are already several companies interested and ready to invest their own funds in this project.

As for the districts, these are mainly irrigation projects, construction of storage facilities for vegetables and grain, construction of feedlots and construction of small agricultural processing facilities. Pavlodar Oblast Akim reminded that in rural areas serious projects involving the production of any products are necessary. In addition, Bulat Bakauov required of the local Akims to keep close tabs on food prices.

Photo by Valeriy Bugayev


21/02/2019 388