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13 mothers of many children of Pavlodar region awarded pendants “Altyn Alka” and “Kumis Alka”

Today, on the eve of the celebration of the Day of the capital, 13 mothers were awarded pendants, 4 of them were awarded “Altyn Alka”, and the rest – “Kүmіs Alka”.

“According to the established tradition, we gather together to congratulate and express words of gratitude to mothers of many children for a worthy example of a full life aimed at preserving family values ​​and raising children,” said oblast akim Bulat Bakauov. – Family values ​​and traditions have always been and remain the foundation of our society.

As the head of the region noted, there are about eight thousand mothers of many children in the region, who raised 6 or more children. All of them receive full social support.

“It is very pleasant when the state supports mothers of many children, because raising seven children at the present time is a big responsibility and not an easy duty,” says Svetlana Voronyuk, a mother of many children from Pavlodar district. – In our family, love and trust are the basis for the proper upbringing of children.  

The owner of “Altyn Alka” brings up not only children, but also six grandchildren.




Photo by Valery Bugaev

05/07/2019 342