Hey-ho, I Will Ski!

The skiing resort in Bayanaul district is already well-liked by the residents of Pavlodar Oblast. The Head of Oblast, Bulat Bakauov, who visited the complex on the Myrzashoky Mountain, saw it for himself.

The Akim of Pavlodar Oblast talked with visitors of the skiing resort and tried the track himself.

Among those who visited the foot of the Myrzashoky Mountain were not only Pavlodar residents, but also residents of other regions – for example, Karaganda residents.

In addition, Bulat Bakauov discussed the issue of the future complex with representatives of Myrzashoky Karazhar, LLP, who intend to take it into management and invest in its development.On weekends, the skiing resort receives several hundred guests. Last Sunday, about 300 sports fans rode on the Marzyshoky Mountain

 Photos by Valeriy Bugayev and Vladimir Bugayev

26/02/2019 324