In Pavlodar region completed the harvesting of grain

Pavlodar grain growers were one of the first in the country to complete the harvest. Despite not the most favorable weather conditions, the yield of grain and leguminous crops amounted to 10.5 centners per hectare.

According to the Department of Agriculture, in 2019, the harvesting area in the Pavlodar region was increased by 87 thousand hectares. During the current suffering, almost 790 thousand tons of grain were removed from the fields.

“Our machine operators have completely completed the grain harvest, the indicators are good, given that sometimes the weather brought inconvenience,” says the head of the agricultural department Nurlan Sadybekov. – The total harvested area throughout the region amounted to almost 1.1 million hectares. This is 8.6% more than last year. This year, more than 530 thousand hectares were set aside for wheat. With an average yield of 10.5 centners per hectare, the gross yield amounted to 538 thousand tons. In 2018, with a yield of 11.2 centners per hectare, the harvest reached 511.5 thousand tons.


According to experts, during and cultivation of grain crops, Pavlodar farmers used modern resource-saving technologies, which ultimately influenced a good yield indicator. In addition, thanks to the correct distribution of equipment and human resources, Pavlodar grain growers were the first in the country to complete the harvest.

“Pavlodar farmers also completed the harvesting of potatoes on 17.9 thousand hectares,” said Nurlan Sadybekov. – With an average yield of 320 centners per hectare, the gross yield amounted to about 550 thousand tons. Vegetables harvested on an area of ​​5.9 thousand hectares. Here the gross yield amounted to almost 200 thousand tons. Haymaking is also completed. The average yield was 9 centners per hectare, 60.5 thousand tons of haylage has already been harvested. This allowed agricultural producers to prepare a year and a half stock of hay.

Since the beginning of the year, farms of Pavlodar region have received over 100 units of equipment under leasing. Also, all farmers received preferential fuels and lubricants. For the autumn field work, farms were given 21 thousand tons of diesel fuel worth 175 tenge per liter.

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