In Pavlodar region workers of medical ambulance carried a patient in arms for two kilometers

Due to much snow, a medical car was unable to get to the house of the 67-year-old patient, who had a heart attack.

It happened on the night of January 25-26 in Zhetekshi village near Pavlodar. Paramedics did not get to the house – there was too much snow.  They had to go on foot. Having provided first aid, the paramedics carried the patient on a stretcher to the reanimobile for two kilometers. The situation has been compounded by the dark time and much snow. As the result, the patient was taken to the hospital.

Despite the bad weather and closed roads in Pavlodar region, the air-medical service works under no timeline. In the morning of January 27, 103 received a call from Bayanaul area. There, a newborn boy had intestinal bleeding. Workers of the aero-medical evacuation unit arrived at the hospital and they took the little patient to the regional children’s hospital.

By the way, due to the method of “hold call” a baby was delivered in Pavlodar region last weekend. 103 received a call that 32-year-old pregnant woman started going into labour. While the medical car was getting to the place, a dispatcher advised what a husband had to do before the doctors arrived. The baby and woman were taken to the city hospital N1.

The other case of home birth was in Maikain village of Bayanaul area. The emergency medical assistance team quickly arrived at the 29-year-old girl and delivered the baby. The newborn girl was rendered first aid. After that they were taken to the hospital.

In the emergency medical setting of Pavlodar region there is the automatic control system. It allows dispatchers to find out the address of a caller within one minute and send the nearest paramedics there. Today, due to the viral infection outbreak, 103 receive more than 1000 calls per day (more by 30-40%).

The method “call hold” has been used in the region since June 2019. For seven months the dispatchers helped to deliver a baby, stop bleeding or remove a foreign body from the airways.

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