In Pavlodar service 103 summed up the results of the year

265,000 calls, 126 ambulance flights, 128 “call hold”. In the Pavlodar ambulance station summed up the results of their work in numbers and talked about plans for the development of services for next year.


8 minutes – the time of the ambulance brigade to call in urban conditions


Due to this indicator, Pavlodar service 103 is considered the most operational in the country. In this case, we are talking about the challenges of the first, second and third categories of urgency, when the patient’s life or health is in real danger and he needs immediate medical attention. As for the time of arrival of the brigade on the road accident, today it is up to 12 minutes. The rapid response to the accident was facilitated by the opening of six additional emergency points on the outskirts of the Pavlodar region. By the way, the workers of these centers leave not only for accidents, but also serve the population of nearby villages. If we talk about the duration of the brigade’s stay on call, this figure decreased from 41 to 30 minutes.


62.5% – an indicator of successful resuscitation of the service


On average, the indicator of successful resuscitation in Kazakhstan is 40.7%. Pavlodar ambulance workers managed to improve this indicator due to several factors. The first is high training and their continuous training. Today, every employee of Pavlodar service 103 has the skill of providing resuscitation benefits. The second is technical equipment. All 103 units of ambulance included in the ambulance are equipped with a high category “C” reanimobile. In general, the service pays great attention to updating equipment. Most recently, new air laryngoscope, a portable ultrasound machine, an acid-base analyzer, and much more were purchased for medical aviation. Also, specialized ambulance crews were equipped with immobilization vacuum mattresses, which take the form of a lying person, and electric blankets for transporting patients in the cold season.


126 sorties performed by ambulance crews since the beginning of 2019


As of December, Pavlodar oblast ambulance aircraft flew 126 times to urgent calls. This is almost 30% more than the planned volume for the year. Resuscitation ambulances drove 417 times when, as in the past year, special vehicles were used in 348 cases during the same time. Air ambulance transport was most often sent to Ekibastuz – 71 times, and motor transport – to Aksu (132 times) and Ekibastuz (75 times). Since the beginning of the year, sanitation specialists have performed 21 operations, 66 consultations and 406 patients in serious condition.


128 “call hold” performed by service controllers 103


Pavlodar doctors were the first in Kazakhstan to start using the “call hold” method. Its essence is that the dispatcher gives recommendations to the person next to the patient what to do before the ambulance crew arrives. During the application of the new method, ambulance workers remotely instructed three home births, advised in 7 cases of a foreign body getting into the airways and helped temporarily stop the blood flow 20 times.


265,000 calls have already been served by the ambulance station of Pavlodar region in 2019


In recent years, on average, about 650 calls have been sent to 103 from Pavlodar, Ekibastuz and Aksu alone; on weekends and holidays, their number reaches 1000. From rural areas, ambulance dispatchers receive 100-120 calls per day.


2020 plans


Next year in the ambulance station of Pavlodar region they want to improve the achieved indicators. First, doctors intend to lease 16 new reanimobiles. Secondly, plans to open another additional service point 103 on the highway Pavlodar – Aksu – Kurchatov. Also at the station intend to pay great attention to the training and education of personnel. Pavlodar health workers plan to obtain a certificate from the World Health Organization, which will allow them to provide medical care for emergencies in other countries. In addition, the service wants to train their own instructors who could train health workers in emergency care according to international standards.


Press service of the ambulance station

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