“Irtysh Meridian” in Bayanaul

The annual meeting of tourists “Irtysh Meridian” gathered on the territory of Bayanaul national Park more than two hundred people. Athletes came from ten regions, the capital and Shymkent. In total, 13 teams participate in the 31st meeting of tourists. Pavlodar region is represented by two – “Irtysh Pavlodar” and “Pavlodar”.

 Much attracted in Bayanaul tourists, especially rich in nature – addressed to the tourists in his welcome speech Deputy akim of the region Arystan Kabikenov. – You come every year, you see, you look. Bayanaul land has always been famous for its hospitality. And today the 31st meeting of friendship of tourists of Kazakhstan and CIS countries, which is dedicated to the Year of youth, starts here. This event is very important, we hold it every year. Today the weather is bad, but I see that you are ready to overcome all obstacles. I would like to wish good luck to the strongest in this competition.

The Irtysh Meridian program takes four days. During this time, the participants will pass stages with elements of water, Hiking and mountain tourism. According to the organizers, athletes should know how to survive in extreme conditions in which a tourist may find himself.

On the first day of testing, the teams competed in four stages: aquatic, theoretical, crossing, endurance and ferry conditionally affected.

At the water stage, four athletes, according to history, got to the team in distress on a catamaran. Having reached the place, they “anchored”, threw a rescue rope into the gate and returned to the shore. After their return one man from the team with the help of rescue rope was supposed to deliver conditionally drowning person ashore, it is given three attempts.



As told the chief judge of the aqueous phase Andrew Abarinov judged on three criteria – “faster, higher, stronger.” He added that athletes should be ready for any conditions, and therefore the rain on the first day of competitions shouldn’t become an obstacle.

Ahead at athletes two days of tests. Today, tourists will cross-hike, consisting of 18 stages. On Saturday, the results of competitions, competitions of bard songs and photos will be announced.



Olga Bugaeva Photo by the author

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