Master the art of reading

On August 9, 2019 within the XXI Republican festival of languages of the people of Kazakhstan the Department of culture, development of languages and archival Affairs of Pavlodar region held a regional competition of masters of art reading named after Abai.
The event, organized in order to improve the language culture, promote the best examples of fiction and works of famous Kazakh writers and poets, was attended by the winners of city and district competitions at the age of 17 to 29 years.
Participants who became masters of art reading at the regional level, according to the provisions of the competition competed in two stages.
At the first stage, the contestants read excerpts from works dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Beimbet Maylin, Saken Seifullin or other outstanding prose works of Kazakh literature.
At the second stage, we read excerpts from poetic works dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Sabit Donentayev, Ilyas Zhansugurov and the 80th anniversary of Fariza Ongarsynova.
The event was attended by academician, doctor of philosophical Sciences, Abay, Honorary citizen of Pavlodar oblast Garifolla ESIM, the Deputy of Parliament Mazhilis of Kazakhstan Aizada Kurmanova, Director OF “Aziza”, the journalist Mason Arylessence, candidate of philological Sciences Sami Trsin and Chairman of the Kazakh Diaspora of the Altai Krai of the Russian Federation Saparbek Mausymbayev.
The jury were invited Abay, public figure Asenov Daniyal Sabirli, head of the Department “Kazakh language and journalism” Pavlodar state University. S. Toraighyrov, candidate of philological Sciences, Professor Ayman Zeinulina Fayzullaevna, Methodist of the education Department of the district Aul.
Following the contest Grand Prix was awarded to Armenian Erba of the Uspensky district, the first place was taken by Sharipov Weisbeck of Irtysh area, SECOND place took Tlegen Aybek from the area AOI and third place was taken by Aigerim Homedale of Pavlodar area.
On behalf of the Department, all winners and participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas, letters of thanks and valuable gifts.
The winner of the regional competition Armenian Erba received a ticket to the Republican stage of competition of artistic reading, which will be held in Taldykorgan.

Department of culture, language development and
archival Affairs of Pavlodar region

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