Mechanical engineer opened a new youth leisure center in Shcherbakty

A resident of the Shcherbakty district, Konstantin Taranchenko, being a member of the Zhas Kusipker program, organized leisure activities for district youth. In the future, the young entrepreneur plans to expand his business.

Konstantin Taranchenko was trained in the basics of entrepreneurship and received a grant from the state in the amount of about 500 thousand tenge. With the funds received, he rented a room, bought TVs, game consoles, furniture and today he successfully implements the business he has begun.


“This niche in the region is free, there are no competitors, and it is very in demand,” he noted. – In the future I plan to plan other types of entertainment, for example, a table with board games, so that the guys waiting in line can occupy themselves in other games, organize live sports events on television.

The center is aimed at adolescents, but due to its popularity, residents over 18-20 years old also visit it. According to Konstantin Taranchenko, the main stream of youth begins at 18:00.

“One hour spent in the center costs only 400 tenge,” the entrepreneur says. – For adolescents there is a time limit and they know their time, so they do not stay too long.

The center has been operating for only two weeks, but a sufficient number of children have already visited it. In the future, a novice businessman plans to acquire his own building.

07/11/2019 39