New fitness center and the greenhouse complex were opened in Pavlodar region

On the eve of the First President’s Day, a new fitness center was presented in the village of Pavlodarskoye, and a new tomato growing greenhouse in Ekibastuz.

The need for a new FOC in the village of Pavlodarskoye has been discussed for a long time – in a settlement of about 6 thousand inhabitants, it was possible to play sports only in school premises and in the Nurtas children and youth club. Therefore, the budget for 2019 provided 160 million tenge for the construction of a new sports facility.

“This complex is not enough for the village of Pavlodar, in the future we will build large sports facilities,” said akim of the Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov during the presentation of the fitness center. – In the near future, the villagers will be able to play sports in Sport City, where several large sports fields are being built at once. It will be even easier for residents of Pavlodar to get to the sports town than for residents of some microdistricts of the regional center.

Around the complex installed lighting and 16 workout simulators. In the fitness center building itself, the rooms of the health worker, manager and trainer are fully equipped.

In addition, on the eve of the holiday in Pavlodar region, a new greenhouse complex was opened in which tomatoes are grown. The capacity of the new line of Greenhouse Qaztomat LLP is 10 thousand tons of tomatoes. The greenhouse is equipped with Dutch equipment providing the necessary microclimate. The company created 200 jobs, which among others were displaced by the Nurly Ertis program.

“My wife and I are raising four children, we lived in the capital for 10 years and all this time we rented an apartment,” says Aldan Aytzhanov. – We moved to Pavlodar region in July this year, I immediately got a job in a greenhouse. At first he worked as an assistant operator, after three months he got the position of operator. Everything suits here, there is housing, there is work – this is the most important thing.

Greenhouse-Qaztomat LLP is an export-oriented enterprise. About 90% of the products grown are sent to the shelves of the Lenta distribution network in Russia.














Photo by Valery Bugaev

03/12/2019 40