No new fires found in Bayanaul

The situation in the Bayanaul district, where forest-steppe fires occurred last Sunday, remains stable today.

According to the press service of the emergency department of the Pavlodar region, no open burning was found both in the Bayanaul National Natural Park and near the countryside. The crew of the MI-171 helicopter, sent to help on the day of the fires from Ust-Kamenogorsk, flew back yesterday.

“The ground equipment that arrived from Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Aksu and the surrounding areas was also sent to places of permanent deployment,” noted in the emergency department. – Representatives of the national park and firefighters of the Bayanaul district remain on the spot.

The fact that the threat of further spread of the fire has been removed has been confirmed by the territorial inspectorate of forestry and wildlife. According to the head of the department Nariman Zhunusov, the source of fire is completely localized.

“Of course, it’s too early to talk about the complete elimination of the fire, but the edge of the fire has been repulsed and its further spread has been prevented,” he said. – Complete elimination will be announced when there is no fire or smoke. Now work is underway to extinguish the localized focus.

Recall that the fires in the Bayanaul district began on September 22. The rapid spread of fire contributed to the increased temperature and strong wind. More than 500 people and 120 pieces of equipment were involved in the fight against fire in the whole region.

Press service of akim of Pavlodar region

25/09/2019 129