Out in the field

The peasants of Pavlodar region started the harvesting campaign. It was the issue of harvesting that became the main topic for discussion during the staff meeting in the regional akimat.

The meeting began with the fact that the head of the region spoke about the personnel changes. He introduced the new head of the public service Department. It was Toktamys Zhumagulov, who previously held a similar position in Atyrau region. In addition, Bulat Bakauov announced the merger of two departments – the Department of state architectural and construction control and the Department for control over the use and protection of land. To lead the joint structure will he Nigmatov, the former head of GASK in Pavlodar region.

Then to the podium came the head of the Department of agriculture of Kazakhstan and the Region. He noted that this year the harvesting area in the region is 1.097 million hectares. 785 thousand of them are occupied by grain. 

– Today 7,8 thousand hectares of grain are already cleaned, – the head of Department told. – The projected gross grain harvest is 794 thousand tons with an average yield of 10.1 quintals per hectare. To date, 7.8 thousand hectares of grain crops have been harvested, with an average yield of 8.6 quintals per hectare. The highest yield in Shcherbakty – 17.5 quintals per hectare, Terenkol – 8.6 quintals per hectare.

In addition, the farmers of the Irtysh region have already started harvesting early potato varieties. More than 20 thousand tons of potatoes have already been harvested, in total it is planned to collect more than 580 thousand tons.


 – Today it is necessary to work out the issue of laying potatoes to stabilize its value in the future, – demanded akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov. – It is also necessary to help potato growers to establish sales in other regions.

Photo By Valery Bugaev

13/08/2019 130