Patriotic action in honor of the Day of state symbols

In the campaign “Menin Eltabam! Meny Tuy! Menin Gymnim! ”Was attended by about 800 residents of the region. Deputy mayor of the region Askhat Oralov congratulated the people on the Day of state symbols of Pavlodar.


 – Our flag flutters in front of prestigious international organizations among the flags of other independent countries. Our anthem is played on high pedestals of the Olympic Games and world championships. We are proud of the achievements of our country and demonstrate true patriotism. First of all, this is a respectful attitude to the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It testifies to the strength and dignity of our state, as a manifestation of the high civil position of every Kazakhstani. Today’s procession speaks of the high civic position of our youth, – noted Askhat Oralov.

         The mission of honoring the huge canvas of the national flag was entrusted to the cadets of the Pavlodar training center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan. A flag measuring 5 by 10 meters was carried out by 40 young people. “It is a great honor for me to keep the symbol of our country,” says the 26-year-old cadet, police driver Asanali Abdykalykov. – During this action, we experienced a sea of ​​positive emotions, felt the spirit of the holiday.

           On the square were the winners and laureates of various republican music competitions. The dance group “Jumbo”, famous in Kazakhstan and abroad, pleased the audience.

 “Our team will soon be 25 years old,” says artistic director IC Kaldasheva. – Today, the dance under the name “My Kazakhstan” was performed by the 10 most creative guys from the older group. In total in ensemble about 50 children of three age groups. We congratulate everyone on the holiday. State symbols are both our past and future. They must be protected and respected.


  The culmination of the event was the performance of the hymn of Kazakhstan, which was sung by all 800 participants of the action.


04/06/2019 98