Pavlodar bakery plant reduced the selling price of molded bread

If two weeks ago PCBK Firm LLP increased the price of Tau-nan bread rolls to 105 tenge, now it has been reduced to 95 tenge.

A reduction in the selling price of molded bread is reported in an official letter to the Akimat of Pavlodar signed by the director of the plant Vitaly Sartakov. According to the letter, starting from October 22, the daily requirement of the enterprise for first grade flour – 10 tons – is completely closed. Moreover, the cost of flour, which the plant buys from Agro-Damu LLP, has not increased and amounts to 95 tenge per kilogram.

– In connection with the foregoing, as well as hoping that Agro-Damu LLP will maintain the current selling price and daily sales of flour for our enterprise, PCBK Firm LLP will reduce the price of Tau-nan shaped bread to 95 from October 26 tenge per bun, – the head of the plant writes.

Recall that the selling price of bread from first-grade flour at the Pavlodar bakery plant was raised in mid-October. The shops bought Tau-nan roll at 105 tenge. Then the enterprise referred to the high cost of flour.


Press service of the akim of Pavlodar region


29/10/2019 104