Pavlodar residents laid flowers in the Park of the first peacekeepers of Kazakhstan

Military service men, border guards, veterans of the armed forces and peacekeeping soldiers paid tribute to memory of the Kazakh soldiers who had died on the Tajik-Afghan border in 1993-2001.

More than 120 Pavlodar people, including combat veterans on the Tajik-Afghan border, students of the military school and military personnel of m/u 5512 and a military orchestra came to honour the memory.

“More than 50 Kazakhstan soldiers died there. Three of them – Kanat Idrishev, Amangeldy Zhumabekov, Valery Sofroniy were from Pavlodar region, two from Zhelezinka area and one from Aksu. We remember the feat of our peacekeepers and honor their memory”, the military men from m/u 2033 Aibek Zhotekov said.

It will be recalled that from June 1993 to February 2001, over 10000 of Kazakhstan peacekeepers defended the southern borders of the CIS. The monument to the first peacekeeping soldiers was erected in Pavlodar in October last year. The sculptor of the monument was Igor Isakov.

In the region there is the Union of veterans of local wars and members of the armed forces on the Tajik-Afghan border under the leadership of Gennady Kozak.

10/02/2020 43