Pavlodar residents to have an opportunity to present a tree to the 300-th anniversary of the city

The campaign “Present a tree to the city” has been held to the anniversary of Pavlodar.

Each person will be able to present a tree to Pavlodar, which celebrates its 300th anniversary this year. The head of the region Bulat Bakauov suggested choosing the place for planting trees.

“It is necessary that it will be done within the city limits, so that we will see our work. Today we continue to develop the microdistrict “Saryarka”, let’s plant trees and shrubs here, for example. It is important that people know where to get transplanted plants. For example, on the wedding day, newlyweds come to the park and they will be offered to plant a tree. It is the memory both for young people and for the city”, he noted.

Not only the state tree nurseries, but also private ones will be involved in the campaign. The creator of the eco-settlement, Yuri Gashek promised to help. He has organized his own nursery 40 kilometers from Pavlodar for 15 years.

“We are ready to give young plants for free, but with one condition – it is necessary automatic watering system for trees. We have about 2.7 th. trees. We work with different organizations. Last year, for example, we gave about 150 trees”, Yuri Gashek said.

As part of the development of the city, in 2020 it is scheduled to plant about four thousand trees and one thousand bushes.


09/01/2020 123