Private bailiffs of Pavlodar region do not work well with alimony cases

Akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Department of physical criticized private enforcement agents for failing to work with the child support debtors.

At the meeting in the akimat of Pavlodar region again raised the topic of malicious defaulters of alimony. As representatives of the regional Department of justice reported, today more than 11 thousand materials on alimony are under the jurisdiction of private bailiffs, 968 of them are considered problematic. The majority of cases are registered with only three specialists. In the situation of debtors of the rural areas is even worse – they often work bailiffs of the regional center assigned to certain areas.

– Adisposition from Pavlodar will never go in Uspenka, to search for the debtor and work with it, – said Bulat the Department of physical. – As for the load, if one bailiff accounts for 3-4 thousand such cases, they will not even deal with it. It is simply unprofitable for them to deal with these issues, it is easier to work with some bankrupt enterprise than with so many alimony! To force the defaulters to pay off their debts, it was proposed to bring them to justice. However, of the 150 cases that had been brought before the court since the beginning of the year, only 25 had been heard and each had been rejected.

– The problem is that the courts do not prosecute people who are unable to pay, – said the senior assistant Prosecutor of Pavlodar region Rustem Esenov. – For example, if a person officially does not work anywhere, he can register with the employment center, after which he will not be considered a violator. Or, having a debt of 500 thousand tenge, he can pay 20 thousand tenge and will no longer be considered a defaulter.

In addition, they want to influence debtors with the help of public censure. Lists of those defaulters who are wanted, plan to publish on the website of private bailiffs and in the media. In addition, the Governor of Pavlodar region offered volunteers to stand up for single mothers who do not receive payments from former spouses. According to him, volunteers from the ranks of young people will be able to find several defaulters much faster than the same bailiffs.

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