Project “Auyl – el besigi” in action

“Auyl – el besіgі” is being implemented in the Terekkul region, as well as in the Bayanaul, Zhelezinsky, Irtysh districts of Pavlodar region.

In total, 25 projects are being implemented in the region in this area. About 1.5 billion tenge has been allocated for these purposes from the republican and regional budgets. In Zhelezinka, the average repair was done on 15 streets. According to Akim of the Zhelezinsky rural district Beket Baigireyev, a total of 11.3 km of roads were repaired: asphalt was laid, roadsides were strengthened, 21 pedestrian crossings were equipped, 18 drainage pipes, 56 traffic signs were installed. All this cost the budget 207 million tenge. The overhaul of the House of Culture named after K. Alseitova. According to the head of the district department of culture, physical education and sports, Waliollah Akanov, the building of the recreation center built in 1979 underwent a complete modernization. – The hall is designed for 450 seats. In it, we completely changed the acoustics. The stage, ceiling and walls are also renovated. Repair was carried out by Turboservice LLP. The cost of the work is about 90 million tenge. The opening of the updated recreation center is scheduled for Independence Day. In addition, the facade of the building was completely restored in the rural kindergarten “Balapan” and the windows were replaced. The contractor Turboservice LLP spent 22 million tenge to repair the facade of the allocated 25 million, and built a playground in the courtyard of the kindergarten for the money saved. Also, in the framework of the program “Auyl – eat besigi”, the heating main of the secondary school named after A. Tekenov and reconstructed the stadium of the local youth sports school. In addition, an overhaul was made in the abandoned building of the old mosque. Very soon, a boarding school will open its doors here, in which 20 high school students from remote villages of the Terekkul district will permanently live. As the director of the school, Evgenia Martynenko, said, the object is scheduled to be completed by Independence Day. The project cost is 52 million tenge. “The construction work is completed,” says Evgenia Martynenko. – It remains to purchase equipment and furniture. Students from 10-11 grades from remote villages will live in the boarding school. The goal of the project is to prepare schoolchildren for UNT.


    The project “Auyl – el besіgі” is also being successfully implemented in the Irtysh and Bayanaul districts. In both areas, the average repair of the streets of district centers was carried out. Overhaul of the first floor of the central district hospital was held in Irtyshsk. At the same time, repair of the internal wiring of the water supply system was carried out here. In Bayanaul, overhaul of the building of the secondary school named after Z. Akisheva. The contractor completely replaced the old windows and doors, painted the facade, strengthened the entrance group. Repair work in the hospital building of the central district hospital is nearing completion. They installed plastic windows, completely changed the soft roof to a hard one, laid tiles, replaced the wiring, exterior and interior doors.








Aybek Zhumatov Photo by author


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