Reasons for cancellation of lessons at schools

The recommended temperature parameters when lessons are canceled in the Pavlodar educational facilities in the winter period: windless weather or medium wind 2 m/s: increase of wind from 2 m/s and more: increase of wind up to 20 m/s – lessons are canceled in 1-4 forms, if the wind 25 m/s and more, lessons are canceled in 1-11 forms.

At 6:45 and 12:10 on the website of the Department of Education you can find the information about possible cancellation of the first shift. In addition, the announcement about cancellation of lessons of the first shift is broadcast through the radio at 7:10 and second shift at 12:10. TV channel “Irbis” informs Pavlodar people through the news ticker at 7:00 – 7:30 and 12:10-13:00.

02/11/2017 634