Results of the regional Olympiad in Pavlodar

58-th regional Olympiad was held among ninth-eleventh graders at the lyceum №16 in the regional center. 720 boys and girls took part in it.

 The teams were from the lyceum №8 for gifted children (57 schoolchildren, Pavlodar team – 69 schoolchildren. In the number of participants Pavlodar area won first place – 22 boys and girls and Bayanaul area – 17.

A lot of participants were registered in the following subjects: English – 74 pupils, history of Kazakhstan and geography – 65.

According to the results of the Olympiad, the best teams were awarded in natural-mathematical and humanitarian sciences. In natural-mathematical – first place was taken by boys and girls from the lyceum school N8 for gifted children; second and third places – specialized school “Zhas Daryn” and lyceum-boarding school “BILIM-INNOVATION” for gifted boys. In the humanitarian sciences, the first place was taken by the specialized school “Zhas daryn”; second – regional Kazakh boarding school named after Y.Altynsarin for gifted children and gymnasium N3 for gifted children, third – lyceum N8 for gifted children.

The team of Pavlodar was the best in the nomination “Ең үздік қалалық команда -2020”.

315 participants were awarded with I, II and III place diplomas, among them 66 boys and girls won I place, 91 students – II place, 158 students – III place.

This year eleventh graders took 16 educational grants from Astana International University and 3 universities of the region. Thus, six pupils won six grants from Astana International University, 4 pupils – from Pavlodar State University, 2 grants for future teachers from Pavlodar State Pedagogical University and 2 grants from Innovative University of Eurasia.


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