Start of the Project “Bastau-2019”

All Pavlodar residents are welcome to take part in the project “Bastau”, study how to do a business and start their own business. The first stream of training will cover Aktogay, Zhelezinsky, Maisky, Pavlodar, Uspensky, Shcherbakty districts, the Akkuly district and three cities of the region.

“The project aims to teach entrepreneurial skills, as well as to support business projects. Participants are unemployed and self-employed, with entrepreneurial potential. This year, the Chamber intends to create the Alumni Club “Bastau”, which will bring together graduates who have received funding, followed by their projects ” – says Asiya Zakaryanova, an expert in the department of non-financial business support.In 2018, 1 829 residents of Pavlodar region underwent training. 224 projects of graduates received funding in the amount of 843.3 million tenge, 727 students received state grants for the development of their business. The expert of the House noted that the training is free. In addition, participants are provided with a one-time scholarship. Applicants for training are invited to the branches of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Ekibastuz, Aksu, district branches or to the central office located at 21 Lomov Street, Pavlodar.

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