Technical and vocational education (TVE)

50 colleges (15 private) teach young people to work in the industrial facilities and enterprises of small and medium business. 20.6 th students study there (full-time education – 17.6 th, including the state educational order – 12,6 th (72%).

In the region there are 82 specialties for young people, among them technical – 43,2%, educational – 15.6%, service, economics and management – 11.7%, communication and telecommunication – 8.2%, medical – 6,5%, agriculture – 6,2%, humanitarian – 4,9% and art and culture – 3.7%.

In the current year 5014 young men will get free education in 42 professions.

Since 2014 the region has implemented the social project «Мәңгілік ел жастары – индустрияға» – «Серпін-2050». Today, 502 students from the south regions study in 12 specialties in seven colleges of the region: technological, business, transport and communications, chemical and mechanical, Krasnoarmeika agrarian and technical college, Aksu college named after Zh.Musa and Bayanaul agrarian and technical college.

In order to improve the quality of education, the dual training system in 46 specialties is implemented in 45 colleges of Pavlodar region.

More than 1.2 th treaties and agreements about cooperation were signed for 2017-2018 between the enterprises and educational institutions of technical and vocational education.

The employment rate of graduates 2017 in the state educational order was 74%, employment – 99%.


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