The Best Team-2019

The republican competition of research projects took place in Almaty on February 13-16, 2019 at the premises of the National Scientific and Practical Educational and Health Centre “Bobek”. For the purpose of transparency and openness, the competition was held online for the first time ever. 800 students from 14 regions, Almaty, Astana, Shymkent and Republican educational organizations took part in the competition of school students’ scientific projects. Pavlodar region with 35 projects presented 46 students – winners and prize-winners of the regional stage.

The competition of scientific projects was held in 4 areas:

– mathematical modelling of economic and social processes (sections: mathematics, applied mathematics, economics, computer science);

– scientific and technical progress as a key link in economic growth (sections: physics, engineering, earth and space sciences);

– a healthy natural environment – the basis for the implementation of the strategy “Kazakhstan – 2030” (sections: biology, chemistry, environmental protection and human health);

– historical monuments of Kazakhstan and promising tourist routes (sections: history, local history, ethnocultural studies, literature, linguistics, jurisprudence).

According to the results of the Republican competition, the strongest teams emerged: the team of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools JSC gained the Grand Prix, Almaty team took the first place, Pavlodar Region team won the second place, the teams from Zhambyl and East Kazakhstan Regions shared the third place.

The team of our region won the second place, having earned 5 gold, 4 silver, 12 bronze medals and the certificate “The best team-2019”.

First place – Kaparov Niyaz, a student of grade 10 of Maykainsky Secondary School No. 2, Bayanaul district; Dunayev Mikhayil, a student of grade 11, Secondary School No. 40 of Pavlodar; Mukina Dayana, a student of grade 10 of the regional multi-disciplinary lyceum-boarding school for gifted children; Melnik Sofia, a student of grade 10 of Pavlodar Lyceum №16; Mukhametkhan Adiya, the 10th grade student of the regional Kazakh boarding school for gifted children of Y. Altynsarin.

Second place – Alisher Sypatayev, Kuanysh Erkebulan, students of 10, 11th grades of the specialized school “Zhas Daryn”; Trenbach Ivan, Gabdrafikova Amina, students of 9, 10th grades of school-gymnasium №24 of Ekibastuz.

Third place – Muratov Islam, a student of the 11th grade of the specialized school “Zhas Daryn”; Zhangazinova Zhaslin, a student of the 9th grade of the gymnasium №3 for gifted children; Yeginbay Asylkhan, Kapenov Bauyrzhan, Zhetpisov Adilkhan, Aygazinova Dilnaz, Ferimkhan Arkalyk, Kizat Madina, Ramazanova Ayganym students of  9, 10, 11th grades of regional multi-disciplinary lyceum boarding school for gifted children; Zhumadilova Almira, Manapova Zarina, students of the 9th grade of the specialized school “Zerde” of Ekibastuz, Dubkova Darya, 9th grade student of secondary school №9 of Ekibastuz.

The honorary diploma of the RNPT “Daryn” was awarded to Zhaleliden Dana, Ospanov Yerzhan, students of 8,10th grades of lyceum №10 named after Abaya for gifted children; Tlegen Ainur, 9th grade student of Chernoretskaya Secondary School No. 1, Pavlodar region; Mukhtarov Arkhat, 11th grade student of the regional military boarding school.

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