The first multimedia Museum of natural Sciences in Kazakhstan.

The unique facility is equipped with multimedia equipment: real-book, information touch-panel and modern installations.  Visitors to the Museum, which presents various finds from the territory of Pavlodar region, will be able to get knowledge of history, Geology, archaeology, ancient and medieval history.

– “Today, on the eve of the new year, with the support of the company” ERG”, we are happy to open a completely new and modern Museum, as well as having no analogues in the country, – said Bulat Bakauov. The Museum will be public and everyone can freely visit it. This is a unique object, and it will be very interesting for each guest and tourist to plunge into the history of the Pavlodar region.

The gallery covers an area of almost 2.5 thousand square meters. Ertis became the first Museum of natural Sciences in Kazakhstan. The opening of the Museum was attended by representatives of the creative intelligentsia, University students, scientists and labor veterans


– We, having consulted with our scientists who support the history of their native land, created a digital Museum Ertis, – said the Governor of the region Bulat Bakauov. – It is difficult to find a place in the city for construction, the building of the little-visited old Museum of the fire Department was completed. Support was provided by ERG. Now the new Museum has even more decorated the embankment. More than 300 exhibits are located in nine halls, including the halls of ancient pastoralists, paleontology, neogene. A separate hall is dedicated to Goose flight.


The last time the Museum was opened in Pavlodar region was only in 1992. The Museum is open all days of the week except Monday. Opening hours are from 9: 00 to 6: 30. At the same time, it can receive about 600 visitors.



Press-service of the Akimat of Pavlodar region

Photo: Valery Bugaev

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