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In Pavlodar region presented a portal of social services that allows people with disabilities to independently purchase funds and rehabilitation services. It is planned to switch to this system in January 2020.

According to Gulnara Kamalova, Deputy head of the Department for coordination of employment and social programs of Pavlodar region, this system will include digitization of five of the six processes. However, it is expected to launch only two-the provision of special social services and the provision of technical means of rehabilitation.



– The introduction of this portal will improve the quality of rehabilitation facilities and services, as well as determine their real need, – said Gulnara Kamalova. – From January 2020, only those services that do not require individual adaptation will be available on the portal, and all other types will be finalized in the first half of the year. Also, the portal provides services of Spa treatment, individual assistant and sign language specialist, they will also be available in the spring.

Providers of these services can be both individuals and legal entities engaged in business activities, and the client, in turn, has the right to choose the service provider he likes from the register.

-If until 2020 the services provided will be provided through public procurement, in 2021 these services will no longer be available, and it will be possible to get them only through the portal in the presence of an electronic digital signature, – says Gulnara Kamalova. – The recipient of services can independently enter the portal in the presence of the Internet, and in case of any problems in each employment Department and our office will operate service rooms in which specialists will assist in working with the portal.

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