The tram – for state services!

In Pavlodar, a tram was launched, where you can get advice and visual information on working with the Egov portal. The initiators of the action were the office of the akim of Pavlodar region, JSC “Tram management of Pavlodar”, as well as the regional branch of the state Corporation “Government for citizens”.



The tram car, where passengers are taught the wisdom of obtaining public services with one click, runs on route No. 5 or as it is called by the citizens of the ring route. The tram will go on the route every Wednesday and Saturday. The car will walk on it On the car placed the corresponding outdoor advertizing, in – laid out booklets, brochures, memos for service recipients. If necessary, passengers can register directly in the car in the database of mobile citizens of “Electronic government” for further receipt of 44 socially significant public services by a one-time SMS-password.

Head of state ulsg of akim of Daulet Esmagambetov noted that has become very popular receiving services through the Telegram-bot of Egov portal through which instant messenger users can obtain various certificates, attached to the medical institution and to book a place at PSC in literally two clicks.

With the help of this action, experts want to show the availability and ease of obtaining electronic public services on the portal of “Electronic government”. After all, today you do not need to stand in line to, for example, get some help in the public service center. Thanks to Egov, only IIN is required for registration of the license (all other data are obtained by means of automatic requests), utilities and fines can be paid online, you can register a business yourself, you can find out the queue of the child in kindergarten at any time of the day or night.


12/08/2019 171