To School at 6 Years Old

According to the changes in the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, all six-year-old children must go to the first class of the 2019–2020 academic year. This was announced at a briefing in the Regional Communication Service by the Deputy Head of the Education Department Zhomart Karambaev.

“The law requires that children who were six years old as of September 1 be admitted to the first grade of a general education school. However, at the request of parents, you can also send a younger child to school. This applies to those children who are six years old must be from September to December. Thus, children aged less than six years old will also go to the first grade” – said Zhomart Karambayev.

In total, according to the Department of Education, about 13 thousand first-graders will sit at the desks in Pavlodar region this year. Of these, 3 016 are graduates of kindergarten preparatory groups, seven-year-old children whose parents did not send them to school this school year, and 7 455 senior group graduates are six-year-olds, as well as children aged less than six years old and little Pavlodar people who did not attend state kindergartens.

The program for preschool children includes five educational areas – “Health”, “Communication”, “Cognition”, “Creativity” and “Society”. In addition, in the same class in the new academic year, there may be at the same time seven-year-old, six-year-old and five-year-old children.“According to the level of training, no one will divide into “more achievers” and “less than achievers” children in the same class” – specified Zhanat Assainova. – “And by the end of the school year, the level of knowledge of students of the same class will equalize”.

According to the speaker, when a child enters the first grade, he is not required to be able to read and write fluently. This first-grader will teach teachers. To help parents this summer, schools in the region will open courses on preparing six-year-olds for school. Parents will be informed about the recruitment in kindergartens. If the child does not attend the garden, then it will be possible to enrol in the courses by directly contacting the school.

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