Under the root

In Pavlodar region has decided to eradicate a weed called collagen durnishnika. This was the time of the retreat said the head of the region Bulat Bakauov.


Meeting with biologists and employees of the phytosanitary service of akim of the region held in the village Kenzhekol, where it grows a lot collagen. He noted that along with poplars and wormwood, this plant provokes allergies in many Pavlodar residents.



– She’s also survival of other plants around them, occupying all new square – said Bulat the Department of physical. – So with this weed need to fight. Each akim should find out whether the rising around his village collagen. When we know about the scale of the problem, we will understand the mechanism of struggle with this plant. The Republican methodical center of phytosanitary diagnostics and forecasts has already studied the issue.


This problem must be addressed now, because collagen really detrimental to the health of the people, supported by the head of the region Tatyana Ponomareva. – Today we have already developed the control technology collagenous. The most important thing is to mow or dig it in time to prevent the spread of seeds of this weed.


Photo By Valery Bugaev

12/06/2019 151