Water to the village!

Large-scale construction of central water supply continues in the villages of Pavlodar region. In the village of Bayanaul, work is completing the construction of a water supply system. Some villagers have already begun to use central water supply.

In the district center of Bayanaul district there has never been a central water supply. However, in 2017, about 5 billion tenge was allocated from the budget to bring water to the houses of the villagers, and today the three-year project is already being completed.

– 65 kilometers of water supply and 76 have already been commissioned, 150 out of 1,500 subscribers are already connected to the central water supply, says the acting Akim of Bayanaul district Seitzhan Dzhumashev. In addition, we have more than 250 applications for connection to the water supply. In addition, we identified 37 families that are socially vulnerable. They will also be connected to water supply in the near future.

Many Bayanaul people have been waiting for decades for water to appear in their homes. The 79-year-old moved to the district in 1960 and since then has dreamed of quality drinking water in her own bathroom.

“This is a real holiday for us,” says Bibisara Akisheva. – I am very grateful to everyone who was involved in this event.

This year, 15 villages are planning to give water as well in the May district. Today, work is underway on the construction of distribution networks with connection to the May group water supply. In total, more than two thousand subscribers will be connected to the water supply here. It is possible that several settlements in the rural area of ​​the city of Aksu are also fed from this group water supply. This was during a working trip to Bayanaul and May districts, akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov said.

“For example, projects for the construction of water pipelines in the villages of Mamayyt Omarova, Kurkol and Enbek, where about four thousand people live, are already ready,” he said. – If you drill wells in each of these villages, install pumping stations and other infrastructure, this will cost the budget about 1 billion tenge. And it will be much cheaper if we run a pipe from the May group water pipeline to these villages. In this case, the debit of water is guaranteed, there are specialists who will service the network, and the tariff for consumers will be lower. It is necessary to study this option, and as soon as possible.

And in Bayanaul, and in the villages of the May district should finish work before the end of the year.

Photo by Valery Bugaev


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