We rush to the rescue

The ambulance station of Pvvlodar region launched a campaign to educate the population about the rules of first aid. The first lesson of the service staff 103 held for catering points.
According to ambulance staff, in 30% of the injured are injured, compatible with life, but only due to the fact that first aid is not provided in time, patients die.


“Our task is to teach as many people as possible to the rules of first aid,” says the deputy head doctor of the regional emergency medical center Irina Mishchenko. – The staff of our service – resuscitation and cardiologists – will travel to the field and show how to behave when a situation arises and correctly assist the victim so that there is no panic in any emergency that arose on the other side of the call.

“It’s great that we have the opportunity to practice and get the skills to provide first aid,” said Pavel Fedorov, director of the investment fund Ideal Market LLP. “After all, given the fact that we work with a large number of people, the safety of our clients is first and foremost important for us.”

We note that today from various enterprises of Pavlodar 10 applications have already been received for the training of their first aid workers. The ambulance station will not be limited to the city alone – it is planned to travel outside the regional center.
Press service of the ambulance station of Pavlodar region


13/06/2019 203