With Victory Day!

Pavlodar celebrated the victory Day. At the Obelisk of Glory held a rally with the participation of veterans of the great Patriotic war, and in the Central square of the city held festivities.

On may 9, hundreds of people gathered around the Eternal flame. Akim of Pavlodar region congratulated all the participants.

– We are proud that we are children of winners, – Bulat Bakauov declared, having addressed to veterans. – There is not a single Kazakh family that would not be touched by this war. Today we remember with a special feeling all those who showed fortitude and strength of spirit, gave their lives for the victory over fascism. The feat of the people in the great Patriotic war will remain in people’s memory. Society and the state forever before you – fallen and alive – in an unpaid debt. Therefore, every year on this glorious holiday we say thank you very much.

After the Central square was a theatrical performance. One of its blocks was the March of the “Immortal regiment”, which was attended by about 5 thousand people. Not without the traditional soldier’s porridge, which was served in the field kitchens of Pavlodar military units.

In addition, the victory Day in Pavlodar opened the racing season. First, at the racetrack “Kulager” has held tournament on kokpar. After three hours for cars, motorcycles and cash prizes competed riders. The audience saw two smooth races at 1800 and 2400 meters, as well as kunan-baiga, top baiga, zhorga-baiga and Alaman-baiga.

Photo By Valery Bugaev




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