Young Pavlodar dancers won first place in the international tournament

Eight-year-old Nurasyl Kanat and Inju Rakhim won four gold medals at the international dance sport tournament, which was held in the capital. Dance couples from Russia, Estonia and Uzbekistan came to the competition as well.

“649 couples took part in the tournament. Pavlodar region was represented by 26 dance couples. Nurasyl Kanat and Inju Rakhim won first place among juniors”, the trainer of Pavlodar region Aleksey Veriga said.

Our sportsmen took four gold medals and two cups at the tournament. Eight-year-old Nurasyl Kanat and Inju Rakhim have danced in sports club “Classic” since five years. They are the winners of many national and international competitions.

In February the sportsmen will go to the international tournament in Almaty. Bayterek Winter Cup is the official dance sport tournament included in the calendar of the Asian Dance Sport Federation and World Dance Sport Federation.

05/02/2020 46